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(SimpleBooking) Booking Engine Front end

First impressions are lasting. This is why we want your image to be perfect.

SimpleBooking boasts a front end that is elegant, modern, persuasive, pleasing to look at and comfortable to use whenever you click your way to seek information. Our booking engine interfaces are fluid and responds quickly. Best of all booking engine front end will be personalized to your hotel.

And after your client has been dazzled by its beauty, he or she can enjoy receiving feed back in Real Time. Multi-language and highly-valued support. Our system is absolutely secure and offers social integration so that access to TWITTER and FACEBOOK is easily available. Also, a booking can be simply shared with family members and friends.

Next generation channel manager is here.

(SimpleBooking) Channel Manager

No more Excel files or worksheets. To make your work easier, smoother and faster, we have replaced the old style channel manager with Simple Booking iRev: a fast, secure and powerful distribution software.

Update hotel room rates and availability on your PMS or booking engine and iRev will automatically do it on all your channels, fast and flawlessly.

Distribution on tons of channels can drive you crazy, but iRev Channel Manager makes you manage all the distribution system with a single click: set the rates all at once on OLTAs, GDS, IDS, wholesalers, mobile apps, major metasearches and even social networks. Stop worrying about rates, visibility and rate parity!

No more quarreling guests furious because your hotel is full. Simple Booking iRev will check that your room inventory is synchronized on all channels. Every time your booking engine gets a reservation, its 2-way XML technology updates availability on all the other channels and reverse. Finally you can have a sigh of relief!

Metasearch Ready

SimpleBooking Meta search enabled.

Metasearch platforms is the new game in town of Tourism. OTAs, competitors and intermediaries are all there: TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, Trivago. And they are stealing YOUR clients and YOUR revenues.

Simple Booking is a TripAdvisor, Trivago and Google Premium Partner, so it empowers your hotel to compete with OTAs and competitors on the main metasearch platforms to get back all your direct bookings.

OTAs and hotel competitors show up as much as they can on metasearch platforms. Do not let them eat all the cake: through Simple Booking you will be able to show your own hotel rates too and get back all the direct bookings you deserve.

Facebook Ready! One click; Back office to Facebook timeline

One click to post your offers from back office to Facebook

FACEBOOK is perfectly integrated with Simple Booking. You and your clients can share directly in the public domain.

If you are present and proactive on social media, or planning to be, we would advise to activate the option SimpleBooking Facebook Booking Engine, created to give you the chance to get direct bookings via your Facebook fan page

But this is not all. Do you have an offer ready to share with the world? All you need is one key on your keyboard to directly upload that unique offer to your FACEBOOK page from Back Office.

SimpleBooking is as safe as a strongbox

SimpleBooking Protect you and your client with Symantic, Verisign and PCI DSS

Online users book online only if they are sure your hotel website is safe and reliable. They will not give you their credit card number or their personal data if your booking engine does not look like a safe place.

All your guests’ data will be safe and sound with Simple Booking. The PCI DSS is the global certification that ensure payment card data security, so whatever could happen on your hotel website, there would be still the best barriers to protect credit card and personal information.

Without our trusted security partners your guests’ personal information, credit card data and even access to their personal accounts could get stolen. And you could get in trouble. But we do have the best security systems around, so you can relax and sleep easy.

Smart Phones, tabs or PCs, SimpleBooking is responsive

(SimpleBooking) Responsive Booking Engine

Nowadays a 40% of searches and visits of touristic web sites are made through smart phones. Stay tuned and ask us for more info regarding the creation of your Mobile web page.

Apart from the configuration and displaying of all informative contents on Mobile, we can of course include the Mobile version of Simple Booking, giving the client the chance to complete reservations directly via Mobile.

If your website is not optimized for cellphones, you need not worry. Simple Booking can automatically furnish you with a Mobile Site completely integrated. In this way, you will not lose even one direct booking.

Comprehensive Back Office System.

SimpleBooking comes with a comprihensive back office system.

Simple Booking is powered with smart Web Analytics Reports to understand how your hotel official website is performing. No more blind investments, no more risks, no more gambling.

Discover the real ROI of your marketing campaigns; test your pricing effectiveness; find more opportunities for your business. Numbers are hoteliers’ best friends!

Offers, discounts, revenue management strategies. You test many different rates but you can never know what your clients appreciate more. Simple Booking stats show you in a click what rates and offers drive more bookings. So you always know what works and what does not.

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